Mission Statement:

The MidSouth Beagle Gundog Federation is located throughout the United States. It’s mission is to promote and advance the hunting beagle as a gundog primarily through the evaluation process by means of AKC Field Trials. These trials should also be used as an opportunity to foster a positive fellowship and camaraderie among beaglers… both young and old alike. Furthermore, the MidSouth Beagle Gundog Federation encourages all clubs, judges, members and participants to practice excellent sportsmanship, respect, and honesty to further strengthen the integrity in the sport of beagling.

The objectives of the MidSouth Beagle Gun Dog Federation are:

  • To organize the current AKC Beagle clubs and club members, both Small Pack Option (SPO) and Large Pack, so that all members and clubs may share in the benefits that may arise as a result of supporting one another.
  • To uphold the integrity of the AKC Registry in promoting the sport of purebred Beagles and breeding for type and function as premier rabbit hunting hounds.
  • To promote and develop the sport of Beagling thru AKC Competition in Performance Event Field Trials as they are written in the Beagle Field Trail Rules and Procedures for both SPO and Large Pack.
  • To promote and assist clubs in the Mid-South, so that all may prosper.
  • To encourage quality over quantity with regard to entry level numbers, but work diligently to seek high numbers of entries at each and every Mid-South trial.
  • To promote unity with all AKC beagle clubs inside or outside the Mid-South without violating the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws as they are written.
  • To credit top level performance of AKC registered, or eligible for registration, Beagles under conditions as close as possible to natural rabbit hunting conditions.

MidSouth Officers are:

  • President – Chris Harlow
  • Vice President – Jimmy Roark
  • Secretary – Bill Arnold
  • Treasurer – Jason Steelman
  • Director of Club Relations (East) – Matt Aubrey
  • Director of Club Relations (West) – Tim Griffin
  • Director of Club Relations (North) – Jon Behne
  • Director of Club Relations (South) – Herbert Warren

All members of the MidSouth Honor the AKC Code of Sportsmanship!



  1. What is the MidSouth?
    • The MidSouth is an AKC Beagle Gundog Federation made up of clubs all over the US that run AKC SPO and Large Pack field trials.
  2. What kind of dog do they run?
    • We run a run to catch style rabbit dog. We want a beagle that accounts for its game until it is either caught or holed.
  3. How many clubs are in it?
    • There are currently 26 member clubs.
  4. Where are the clubs?
    • All over the US, from West Virginia to Texas and from Wisconsin to Louisiana. We have clubs in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois as well as the above mentioned states.  Go to MidSouthGunDog.com to see more on each club.
  5. How do they judge?
    • We judge in accordance with the AKC rule book for SPO and Large Pack. There are always 2 judges for every class and their job is to find the best rabbit dog entered for that given day.  They place 1st through 4th and then NBQ (Next Best Qualifier).
  6. What do I have to do to enter?
    • You must have an AKC Registered Beagle to enter a dog in a MidSouth Field Trial. Then all you have to do is come out to the trial and pay your enter fee.  Club advertisements explain when, where, and how much.  You can find them online at MidSouthGunDog.com