Field Champions

MidSouth Field Champions

FCGD No Way Sadie – Ryan McNabb
FCLP WMK’s Daniel Boone – Herbert Warren
FCGD Big Hill Slim – Scott Lamb
FCGD White’s Mystical Maggie – Shawn White & Steve Milliner
FCLP Espresso’s Lil Tank – Johnny Jeane
FCGD McDavid’s Running On a Rail Rabbit Tracker – Tim Hignite & Elijah Curran
FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck – Charles Dowell
FCGD WFO’s Switch’s Crossroad’s Dolly – Dylan Hill
FCGD Tin Mann Little Mack – Scott Midlam
FCGD C-Gray Babs – Chad Gray
FCGD Ross’s R&R Log Legs Lenoir – Dustin Williams & Duane Ross
FCGD Sand Creek Ben – Austin Pruitt
FCGD WFO’s Bodacious’s Pied Piper – Mark Hopper
FCGD C-Gray’s Boomer – Chad Gray
FCGD Yang Van – Zack & Brooke Smith
FCGD J Street’s Lucy – Jordan Overstreet
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Storm – Lijah, Tim, & Christy Griffin
FCGD Coach’s Pride Rampage – Josh Jones
FCGD Hicktown Diamond Dottie – Bill Arnold
FCGD Hicktown Politically Incorrect – Bill Arnold
FCGD D&T’s Kenni – Denver Riddle
FCGD Hignites Cry Baby – Elijah Thomas
FCGD Shaw’s Rockhaven Rio – Jon Behne
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Lacy – Chris Powers & Jimmy Roark
FCGD Legacy Lane Mad Max – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Stricklen’s Smooth Runnin Leroy – John David Stricklen
FCGD Metten’s One Track Mind Cassie – Mitchell Metten
FCGD Hackney’s Roll on Domo – Josh Hackney
FCGD Lincoln Ridge Little Clipper – Lance McCarthy
NLPC FCLP Rice’s Running Moonshine – Justin Smith
NLPC FCLP Critter Creek Rudy’s Rage – Stefen Givens
FCGD Carter’s Ottercreek Boots – Michael Carter
FCGD Glidewell’s One Bad Dude – Timmy Glidewell
FCGD Ace’s Up Dew – Jack Stallings
FCGD East Ridge Bruiser The Beast – Chad Blair
FCGD Chase’em Down Blackjack – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Travis Creek’s Big Jake – Steve Spurlock
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Mist – Tim Griffin
FCGD Charles Dowell’s Bunny Buster – Charles Dowell
FCGD Yang Lara – Zach Smith
FCGD Pine Acres Pepsi – Keith Weyers
FCGD Don’t Cutem No Slack Billy Jack – Tristian Jenkins
IFC Espresso’s Southern Royal Nova – Stefen Givens
FCGD Legacy Lane Black Baller – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Legacy Lane Kiki – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Riddle’s Clyde – Denver Riddle
FCGD Hogbranch Handyman – Barry Hutchinson
FCLP Carter’s Ottercreek Velvet – Barry Hutchinson
FCLP Wildwinds Crank tha Brank – James McDaniel & Brad Foster
FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap – Evan Shelton
FCGD Knobstones Mystic Rose – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Mighty Mississippi’s Cowboy – Jeffrey Graves
FCGD Crossroads Bella – Duncan McGowen & Greg McGowen
FCLP Bone Box’s Blue Spook – Josh Stofer
FCGD WMK’s Jessabella – Dustin Williams
FCGD CW’s Rye Whiskey – Cody Willoughby
FCGD Bark Camps Broken Halo – Tony Roe
FCGD C-Gray’s Wiggle – Chad Gray
FCLP Triple S Cajun Cat – Noah Singleton
FCGD DT Barton’s Chubby Kat – Kelly Bonnette
FCLP Freedom Anarchy Sprocket – Justin Smith
FCGD Cypress Lakes Vegas Gold – Steve Lyell
FCGD Pine Lakes Brandy – Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson
FCGD Sudduth’s Mississippi Lookout Willie – Matt Aubrey
FCGD Bark Camps Coal Country Dina – Jimmy Roark & Chris Powers
FCGD Live Action Annie Get Your Gun – Derrick Foster
FCLP Fork Swamp Anaconda – Stefen Givens
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder – Tim Griffin
FCGD Plover River Spotty II – Scott Midlam
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Dirty Girl – Riley ONeal Miles
IFC Rhoades Royal WFO Switchs Mud Bone – Tony Roe
FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell – Nick Stephens
FCGD Legacy Lane Monster – Kevin Monroe & Forest Kerns
FCGD Wiley’s Purdy Gurl Purl – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Chase’em Down Rowdy Ruger – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Triple D’s Hard Hitting Dolly – Jason Burns
FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie – Talikwa Scott
FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda – Duane Ross
FCGD Georgia Red Clay Thriller – Scott King
FCGD Bone Box’s Jada Blue – Josh Stofer
FCGD Sand Creek Kickem Up Shooter – Darrell Terry
FCLP Swings Rockhill Dillon – Pete Foley
FCGD Huberts Blazing Blue Angel – Grand Victory Kennels
FCGD KC’s Shanner is getting Lucky – Keith Cox
FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie – Jason and Amy McCreary
FCGD Rileys Miss Dixie – Riley ONeal Miles
FCLP Ram’s Bunny Buster – Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Benson’s Blazing Weedeater – Kylie Freeman
FCLP BFK’s Sweet Bonnie Bell – Rusty Mitchell
FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia – Matt Beatty
FCGD Ford’s Hillbilly Sawyer – Josh Jones
FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny – Jim Willoughby and Derrick Foster
FCGD Live Actions Bullet’s Belle – Derrick Foster and Jim Willoughby
FCLP Black Point Crème De’ Menthe – Michael Johnson and Chad Breaud
FCLP Big Creek Shotsi – Chad Breaud
FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas – Chad Breaud
FCGD Branko’s Quickturn – Chad Breaud
FCGD Ram’s Honey Badger- Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Griswald’s Acer – Bobby Griswald
FCGD Freemans Little Bolt – Dustin Williams

FCGD WFO’S Switch’s Crossroad’s Dolly

Name = FCGD WFO’S Switch’s Crossroad’s Dolly
Sire = FCGD KWS Switch A Gear
Dam = Burch Runabout Susie
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 11/30/2016
AKC# = HP52639102
Breeder = Kevin Wethington
Owner = Dylan Hill

“Dolly finished with 4-wins, 4-seconds, 1-fourth, and 3-NBQ’s for a total of 130 AKC points. She made the winners pack in 14 out of 17 trials and placed in 12 of them.” Says owner Dylan Hill

FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck

Name = FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck
Sire = Big Piney Bruce Lee
Dam = Big Piney Hanna Bay
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 5/1/2020
AKC# = HP60407901
Breeder = Scott Midlam
Owner = Charles Dowell

“What a ride! MF Rabbit dog! He has 8-wins, 4-2nds, 1-3rd, and 2-4th place finishes (I think). He won or placed from South Mississippi to Northern Wisconsin. He just turned 2.5 the first of November 2022 and was only trialed for a year. He’s an incredible hound. My good buddy messed up and sold him to me! Thank you, God and thank you, Scott Midlam for selling him to me!
💪🏼He’s up for stud if anyone is interested.” – Owner: Charles Dowell

FCGD Sand Creek Ben

Name = FCGD PPGrch Sand Creek Ben
Sire = Sandcreek Stoney
Dam = Sand Creek Trudy III
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 12/23/2015
AKC# = HP50654702
Breeder = Nolan Privett
Owner = Austin Pruitt

Ben will be a dog I won’t forget. When I think of what a gun dog should be I think of him. He could be beat, but he didn’t need any help. There isn’t anything I can compare to the lifelong friendships I made trialing this hound across the United States. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an extraordinary group of people that make up the Mid-South Gun Dog Federation, and the sport of beagling itself.”

Owner Austin Pruitt

FCGD WFO Bodacious’s Pied Piper

Name = FCGD WFO Bodacious’s Pied Piper
Sire = FCGD WFO Switch’s Bodacious
Dam = McDaniels Show Me Gemma
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 09/14/16
AKC# = HP52307802
Breeder = Kevin Wethington
Owner = Mark “The Man” Hopper


FCGD C-Gray’s Boomer

Name = FCGD C-Grays Boomer
Sire = East Ridge Black Phantom
Dam = FCGD C-Grays Wiggle
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 06/14/2016
AKC# = HP51892007
Breeder = Chad Gray
Owner = Chad Gray


FCGD Yang Van

Name = FCGD Yang Van
Sire = Yangs Legend
Dam = Yang Buffy
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 08/05/2017
AKC# = HP55093103
Breeder = Sao Yang
Owner = Zack & Brooke Smith Family


FCGD J street’s Lucy

Name = FCGD J street’s Lucy
Sire = Pierson’s Turbo Blue
Dam = Gasper River Jewels
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 5/25/2018
AKC# = HP55763704
Breeder = George Hill
Owner = Jordan Overstreet

Proud of this hound and all we accomplished. 6 wins, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 2 fourths.