Field Champions

MidSouth Field Champions

FCGD Freemans Little Bolt – Dustin Williams
FCLP Griswald’s Acer – Bobby Griswald
FCGD Ram’s Honey Badger- Ronnie Marsh
FCLP Branko’s Quickturn – Chad Breaud
FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas – Chad Breaud
FCLP Big Creek Shotsi – Chad Breaud
FCLP Black Point Crème De’ Menthe – Michael Johnson and Chad Breaud
FCGD Live Actions Bullet’s Belle – Derrick Foster and Jim Willoughby
FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny – Jim Willoughby and Derrick Foster
FCGD Ford’s Hillbilly Sawyer – Josh Jones
FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia – Matt Beatty
FCLP BFK’s Sweet Bonnie Bell – Rusty Mitchell
FCGD Benson’s Blazing Weedeater – Kylie Freeman
FCGD Ram’s Bunny Buster – Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Rileys Miss Dixie – Riley ONeal Miles
FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie – Jason and Amy McCreary
FCGD KC’s Shanner is getting Lucky – Keith Cox
FCGD Huberts Blazing Blue Angel – Grand Victory Kennels
FCLP Swings Rockhill Dillon – Billy Foley
FCGD Sand Creek Kickem Up Shooter – Darrell Terry
FCGD Bone Box’s Jada Blue – Josh Stofer
FCGD Georgia Red Clay Thriller – Scott King
FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda – Duane Ross
FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie – Talikwa Scott
FCGD Triple D’s Hard Hitting Dolly – Jason Burns
FCGD Chase’em Down Rowdy Ruger – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Wiley’s Purdy Gurl Purl – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Legacy Lane Monster – Kevin Monroe & Forest Kerns
FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell – Nick Stephens
IFC Rhoades Royal WFO Switchs Mud Bone – Tony Roe
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Dirty Girl – Riley ONeal Miles
FCGD Plover River Spotty II – Scott Midlam
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder – Tim Griffin
FCLP Fork Swamp Anaconda – Stefen Givens
FCGD Live Action Annie Get Your Gun – Derrick Foster
FCGD Bark Camps Coal Country Dina – Jimmy Roark & Chris Powers
FCGD Suddith’s Mississippi Lookout Willie – Matt Aubrey
FCGD Pine Lakes Brandy – Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson
FCGD Cypress Lakes Vegas Gold – Steve Lyell
FCLP Freedom Anarchy Sprocket – Justin Smith
FCGD DT Barton’s Chubby Kat – Kelly Bonnette
FCGD Triple S Cajun Cat – Noah Singleton
FCGD C-Gray’s Wiggle – Chad Gray
FCGD Bark Camps Broken Halo – Tony Roe
FCGD CW’s Rye Whiskey – Cody Willoughby
FCGD WMK’s Jessabella – Dustin Williams
FCLP Bone Box’s Blue Spook – Josh Stofer
FCGD Crossroads Bella – Duncan McGowen & Greg McGowen
FCGD Mighty Mississippi’s Cowboy – Jeffrey Graves
FCGD Knobstones Mystic Rose – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap – Evan Shelton

FCGD Knobstone’s Mystic Rose

Name = FCGD Knobstone’s Mystic Rose
Sire = FCGD Glomskis Big Time
Dam = Abigails Multiflora Rose
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 09/14/2016
AKC# = HP52125603
Breeder = Adam J. Saunders
Owner = Barry Hutchinson


FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap

Name = FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap
Sire = Bob’s Firestorm
Dam = Mcknight’s Misty May
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 10/28/2015
AKC# = HP50376706
Breeder = John L McKnight/Tracy McKnight
Owner = Evan Bradley Shelton

Texas winribbons

FCLP Bone Boxes Blue Spook

Sire = FC Pinnacle Hill Sport
Dam = Glassers Turbo Powered Genie
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 9/27/2014
AKC# = HP48207703
Breeder = Brian McMullen
Owner = Josh Stofer

Spook finished in AKC with 3 wins, 9 seconds, 2 fourths. (2 wins in LP, 1 win SPO) He has competed, won,and placed from New York on hare, to Texas on Swampers, and everywhere in between.

Spook is 15” male that loves to gun hunt. Hunts extremely hard. (Ears are worn. See pic below). Grabs a check and blows out with it. Runs a good line, no swinging or skirting. Has exceptional foot (can run the front and handle it). Proper use of mouth.

2020 Midsouth Championship (LP) 4th place
2019 Midsouth Championship (made WP)
2018 Midsouth Championship (LP) 2nd place
2018 Midwest Runoff (SPO) 2nd place

As of Jan 2021, He just turned 6 yrs. old. Has a DNA number. Only bred just few times, with his oldest litter just turning 1.5 yr old. All showing great potential. Pups out of this litter have been ran and hunted over in Vermont on hare to Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina on cottontail and Swampers.

Stud fee-Private treaty
-Owner Josh Stofer

StudSpook pedigreeSpook2SpookSpookearSpook pedigree break down

FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder

Name = FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder
Sire = FCGD Chimney Rock’s KY Lucky
Dam = Hickory Hill’s Little Shy Heart
Sex = Male
Date of Birth =
AKC# = HP50342702
Breeder =
Owner = Tim Griffin

“Thunder is a complete hound has wins in large pack and spo. His oldest pups are just under 2 yrs old and I personally like what I’m seeing. He is DNA profiled. Call with any questions.” -Tim Griffin (662-414-1836)

Thunder win

Thunder pedigree

FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell

Name = FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell
Sire = FCGD Dago Valley Bullet
Dam = FCGD Live Action All Day Abbey
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 11/05/2014
AKC# = HP48796604
Breeder = Jim Willoughby
Owner = Nick Stephens

Belle’s biggest quality is her brains and determination. She always has rabbit on her mind from the time she is turned loose until she is finished for the day. She has endless hunt with grub mentality. She finds her game and runs according to scent conditions. She can pick her head up and move on with abundance of foot or gear down and make the hard looses seem easy. She finished to FCGD in limited trials. 12 to be exacted while making winners pack in 11 and placing in 10 of them. She finished with 4 wins, 3 seconds, 2 thirds, and 1 fourth. She is a once in a life time hound that makes rabbit hunting a dream when she on the ground.

– Owner Nick Stephens

Lakeville's Bullet Proof Bell swvbc win


Lakeville's Bullet Proof Bell Pedigree

Bell win

FCGD KC’s Shaner is Getting Lucky

Name = FCGD KC’s Shaner is Getting Lucky
Sire = FCGD Chimney Rock’s KY Lucky
Dam = FCGD White Oak Creek Jada’s Shana
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 10/24/2015
AKC# = HP50700805
Breeder = Scott Music/William Music
Owner = Keith Cox

Shaner finished for his FCGD with wins in the Mid South as well as the Mid West. His first win came at the South Kentucky trial which had a total of 91 entries in his class. Shaner can handle the front of the pack or he will settle in the middle of the pack and clean up the mess other dogs might create. Shaner will turn four years old this October 2019. His oldest pups are just now getting started and the results are outstanding. He is owned by me but was handled at most of the trials by my good friend Kevin Monroe due to the fact that I was unable to attend most of the trials with my work schedule. He will be standing at stud in Wellston Ohio. Stud fee $300. Pups available at times. If interested I can be reached at 1-740-395-3164.   -Owner Keith Cox

FCGD Georgia Red Clay Thriller

5 wins in Mid-Atlantic Florida heat and briars.
1 win in Mid-South where they get up and run.
NKC/ARHA PP HOF competition Grand Rabbit Champion.
1st place US Championship in open class.
1st pl Mississippi State
1st place North Carolina State
1st place Alabama State
1st place Georgia State
2nd place EMC
Reserve hound of the year run off.
Tremendous hunt, has foot, can handle the heat, gentleman in the kennel.
Stud fee $200 or champions breed free.
Brucellosis test mandatory.
Has one gyp on the ground with 2 wins in PP. Another male with one win.
Contact Scott King @ 7705279931
I perfer text

-Owner Scott King

Name = FCGD, PP HOF GrCh, Georgia Red Clay Thriller
Sire = PP Grch, Clay Hill’s Bad Bob
Dam = PP GrCh, King’s Darnella On Line
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 08/01/2013
AKC# = HP45700205
AKC DNA = #V811214
Breeder = Scott King
Owner = Scott King

FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie

Few hounds come into our lives that really leave a mark irremovable tracks on our hearts. Dry Creeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie has been one of those hounds! I’ve truly enjoyed raising this dog. Though the road to being a championship dog was fun it wasn’t always easy.

I’ve always heard that a dog that survives Parvo would always be worthless. I’m laughing now at all of the dog traders around my area because my little Bonnie has proven them all wrong. My sweet little litter of six bright eyed beagle puppies came down with the awful parvovirus. Three of them died within 48 hours of coming down with the virus but not my Bonnie. She fought for days at the brink of death. By the grace of God this girl survived! After two hard weeks she was finally back to being a normal happy pup.

Training this hound has been nothing but a pleasure! She has a heart that just wants to please! Her response to guidance and her eager attitude is remarkable. With the lords help, a little Discipline and 24/7 access to hunting time she has became an irreplaceable champion.

Most trial hunters know that the road to the blue ribbon is far from straight. The road is more like driving up the Pig trail in the hills of the Ozark mountains, but my sweet Bonnie has made every crooked step turn and every early morning well worth it! The one and only derby she entered she came home with the win. I was shocked when she came home with that first blue ribbon but I soon came to just expect her to do very well at every hunt after that first little derby! Win after win my little three year old pup has became a finished championship hound be the end of 2019 field trialing season.

This little girl can bring home the blue but she isn’t just limited to that. She can bring home the meat! She has no trouble putting the food on the table. Her eager hunting abilities makes her fearless of being shot around. With every hunt she just keep improving more and more and is a once in a life time hound. Bonnie is not only a bunny bandit but a bandit of my heart.

God has truly blessed me with a fine hound!!
-Owner Talikwa Scott

Name = FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie
Sire = Washburn Valley’s Little Tuffy
Dam = Love My Rockin Fearsome
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 10/04/2015
AKC# = HP50400803
Breeder = Talikwa Scott
Owner = Talikwa Scott