Field Champions

MidSouth Field Champions

FCGD Freemans Little Bolt – Dustin Williams
FCGD Griswald’s Acer – Bobby Griswald
FCGD Ram’s Honey Badger- Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Branko’s Quickturn – Chad Breaud
FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas – Chad Breaud
FCLP Big Creek Shotsi – Chad Breaud
FCLP Black Point Crème De’ Menthe – Michael Johnson and Chad Breaud
FCGD Live Actions Bullet’s Belle – Derrick Foster and Jim Willoughby
FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny – Jim Willoughby and Derrick Foster
FCGD Ford’s Hillbilly Sawyer – Josh Jones
FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia – Matt Beatty
FCLP BFK’s Sweet Bonnie Bell – Rusty Mitchell
FCGD Benson’s Blazing Weedeater – Kylie Freeman
FCLP Ram’s Bunny Buster – Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Rileys Miss Dixie – Riley ONeal Miles
FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie – Jason and Amy McCreary
FCGD KC’s Shanner is getting Lucky – Keith Cox
FCGD Huberts Blazing Blue Angel – Grand Victory Kennels
FCLP Swings Rockhill Dillon – Pete Foley
FCGD Sand Creek Kickem Up Shooter – Darrell Terry
FCGD Bone Box’s Jada Blue – Josh Stofer
FCGD Georgia Red Clay Thriller – Scott King
FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda – Duane Ross
FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie – Talikwa Scott
FCGD Triple D’s Hard Hitting Dolly – Jason Burns
FCGD Chase’em Down Rowdy Ruger – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Wiley’s Purdy Gurl Purl – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Legacy Lane Monster – Kevin Monroe & Forest Kerns
FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell – Nick Stephens
IFC Rhoades Royal WFO Switchs Mud Bone – Tony Roe
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Dirty Girl – Riley ONeal Miles
FCGD Plover River Spotty II – Scott Midlam
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder – Tim Griffin
FCLP Fork Swamp Anaconda – Stefen Givens
FCGD Live Action Annie Get Your Gun – Derrick Foster
FCGD Bark Camps Coal Country Dina – Jimmy Roark & Chris Powers
FCGD Suddith’s Mississippi Lookout Willie – Matt Aubrey
FCGD Pine Lakes Brandy – Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson
FCGD Cypress Lakes Vegas Gold – Steve Lyell
FCLP Freedom Anarchy Sprocket – Justin Smith
FCGD DT Barton’s Chubby Kat – Kelly Bonnette
FCLP Triple S Cajun Cat – Noah Singleton
FCGD C-Gray’s Wiggle – Chad Gray
FCGD Bark Camps Broken Halo – Tony Roe
FCGD CW’s Rye Whiskey – Cody Willoughby
FCGD WMK’s Jessabella – Dustin Williams
FCLP Bone Box’s Blue Spook – Josh Stofer
FCGD Crossroads Bella – Duncan McGowen & Greg McGowen
FCGD Mighty Mississippi’s Cowboy – Jeffrey Graves
FCGD Knobstones Mystic Rose – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap – Evan Shelton
FCLP Wildwinds Crank tha Brank – James McDaniel & Brad Foster
FCLP Carter’s Ottercreek Velvet – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Hogbranch Handyman – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Riddle’s Clyde – Denver Riddle
FCGD Legacy Lane Kiki – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Legacy Lane Black Baller – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Espresso’s Southern Royal Nova – Stefen Givens
FCGD Don’t Cutem No Slack Billy Jack – Tristian Jenkins
FCGD Pine Acres Pepsi – Keith Weyers

FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda

Name = FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda
Sire = FCLP Peter’s P&P Iceman II
Dam = NLPC FC Nemaskets Big Spring
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 12/01/2013
AKC# = HP46679202
Breeder = Duane Ross
Owner = Duane Ross
Handler = Dustin Williams

Winda winWanda

FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie

Name = FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie
Sire = Smith’s Weedeater Woody II
Dam = Bm Orchard Dixie
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 07/18/2013
AKC# = HP46606506
Breeder = Joe Bill Snowden
Owner = Jason McCreary

IMG_5466IMG_7683McCrearys Red Dirt Bonnie

FCLP Swing’s Rockhill Dillon

Name = FCLP Swing’s Rockhill Dillon
Sire = Tks Rockhill Rambler
Dam = Ought Six Queen Of The Red Carpet
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 04/10/2013
AKC# = HP45665302
Breeder = Jeffery Roberts & Mike Summers
Owner = Pete Foley

picture15in-males-1winAKC FC Certificate

FCLP Rams Bunny Buster

Name = FCLP Rams Bunny Buster
Sire = FCLP Rams Double Trouble Duke
Dam = Rams Oopsy Daisy
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 06/10/2015
AKC# = HP49563504
Breeder/Owner/Handler = Ronnie A Marsh Jr.


FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia

Name = FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia
Sire = FCLP Carter’s Blacky
Dam = Carter’s Princess
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 02/14/2013
AKC# = HP45185803
Breeder = Michael D Carter
Owner = Matt Beatty

New FC Buckwilds Ferious Freda15 inch females Hardin County Beagle Club March 18 and 1915 inch females hillbilly beagle club october 20172nd place South Texas Feb 25 15 inch females

FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny

Name = FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny
Sire = FCGD Dago Valley Bullet
Dam = McDaniels Cherokee Hope
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 09/30/2014
AKC# = HP48325701
Breeder = Mr. Danny R McDaniel
Owner = Jim Willoughby & Derrick Foster


FCLP Black Point Creme De Menthe

Name = FCLP Black Point Creme De Menthe
Sire = FCLP Wilsons Izzo
Dam = NLPC FC Big Creek Nice Cream
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 08/27/2014
AKC# = HP48517404
Breeder = John Dewyse
Owner = Chad Breaud


FCLP Big Creek Shotsi

Name = FCLP Big Creek Shotsi
Sire = NLPC FC Cedar Beck Oliver
Dam = FCLP Plover River Killer Bee
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 9/11/2012
AKC# = HP44246805
Breeder = Dan Johnson
Owner = Chad Breaud

FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas

Name = FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas
Sire = FCGD Kimbrel’s Kickem Up Kane
Dam = Upandout Angle
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 06/04/2014
AKC# = HP47900804
Breeder = Donald Nelson
Owner = Chad Breaud

Win 13inch Females Jan 29