FCGD DT Barton’s Chubby Kat

Name = FCGD DT Bartons Chubby Kat
Sire = FC Branko’s Chubby Checker
Dam = Lone Acres Big Bad Bailey
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 06/11/2014
AKC# = HP47526705
Breeder = Danny B Barton
Owner = Kelly Bonnette

Kat finished for AKC Field Champion at South KY Beagle Club with a total of 10 placements (5 wins) under 19 different judges!! It’s been a long road with her after suffering from Eurlichia and so many other challenges to overcome. Dare I say I will never have another one like her…EVER!! Over the past few years around the trial circuit and amongst friends, her personality took on a human like quality that provided many laughs, stories, and good times. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get her to the trials, conditioned her when I couldn’t, and smacked me in the head when I wanted to give up on her. As a friend put it “she deserves to have the FC title, now suck it up and do your part… Owner-Kelly Bonnette