FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Storm

Name = FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Storm
Sire = FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder
Dam = Goerstenbergers Molly
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 8/12/19
AKC# = HP58467001
Breeder = Tim Griffin
Owner = Lijah Griffin

Storm finished with 8 wins in both Large Pack and SPO!

He also finished with 4 Second places, 2 Third places, and 1 Fourth place.

That’s 15 trials in 7 months and has placed in every trial he has run in! Storm is Lijah’s second finished Field Champion and although Tim has finished dogs in all four classes, Storm completes him finishing a dog he breed for and trialed in every class! Storm was Tim’s Grand Slam and will now get his name added to his Jacket of Champions! Storm’s wins were in Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio!

Thank you to all the judges he has run under for taking the time out of your schedules to be able to judge!!