FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck

Name = FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck
Sire = Big Piney Bruce Lee
Dam = Big Piney Hanna Bay
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 5/1/2020
AKC# = HP60407901
Breeder = Scott Midlam
Owner = Charles Dowell

“What a ride! MF Rabbit dog! He has 8-wins, 4-2nds, 1-3rd, and 2-4th place finishes (I think). He won or placed from South Mississippi to Northern Wisconsin. He just turned 2.5 the first of November 2022 and was only trialed for a year. He’s an incredible hound. My good buddy messed up and sold him to me! Thank you, God and thank you, Scott Midlam for selling him to me!
💪🏼He’s up for stud if anyone is interested.” – Owner: Charles Dowell