FCGD Freemans Little Bolt

Bolt is a true rule book hound.  A real pleasure to run day in and day out.  He has all the positive attributes that make up a complete rabbit dog.  He is an upper medium speed hound that is very determined to overtake his game.  A Jump Dog deluxe that seems to know where a rabbit is.  Honest and proper use of Mouth.  If you want to fill a game vest, Bolt is all you’d need to take in order to do it. – Owner Dustin Williams

Name = FCGD Freemans Little Bolt
Sire = Hartwicks Flashing Mitch
Dam = Hartwicks Flashing Tammy
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 12/13/2011
AKC# = HP42180202
Breeder = Roy Hartwick
Owner = Dustin Williams