Field Champions

MidSouth Field Champions

FCGD No Way Sadie – Ryan McNabb
FCLP WMK’s Daniel Boone – Herbert Warren
FCGD Big Hill Slim – Scott Lamb
FCGD White’s Mystical Maggie – Shawn White & Steve Milliner
FCLP Espresso’s Lil Tank – Johnny Jeane
FCGD McDavid’s Running On a Rail Rabbit Tracker – Tim Hignite & Elijah Curran
FCGD Big Piney They Call Me Chuck – Charles Dowell
FCGD WFO’s Switch’s Crossroad’s Dolly – Dylan Hill
FCGD Tin Mann Little Mack – Scott Midlam
FCGD C-Gray Babs – Chad Gray
FCGD Ross’s R&R Log Legs Lenoir – Dustin Williams & Duane Ross
FCGD Sand Creek Ben – Austin Pruitt
FCGD WFO’s Bodacious’s Pied Piper – Mark Hopper
FCGD C-Gray’s Boomer – Chad Gray
FCGD Yang Van – Zack & Brooke Smith
FCGD J Street’s Lucy – Jordan Overstreet
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Storm – Lijah, Tim, & Christy Griffin
FCGD Coach’s Pride Rampage – Josh Jones
FCGD Hicktown Diamond Dottie – Bill Arnold
FCGD Hicktown Politically Incorrect – Bill Arnold
FCGD D&T’s Kenni – Denver Riddle
FCGD Hignites Cry Baby – Elijah Thomas
FCGD Shaw’s Rockhaven Rio – Jon Behne
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Lacy – Chris Powers & Jimmy Roark
FCGD Legacy Lane Mad Max – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Stricklen’s Smooth Runnin Leroy – John David Stricklen
FCGD Metten’s One Track Mind Cassie – Mitchell Metten
FCGD Hackney’s Roll on Domo – Josh Hackney
FCGD Lincoln Ridge Little Clipper – Lance McCarthy
NLPC FCLP Rice’s Running Moonshine – Justin Smith
NLPC FCLP Critter Creek Rudy’s Rage – Stefen Givens
FCGD Carter’s Ottercreek Boots – Michael Carter
FCGD Glidewell’s One Bad Dude – Timmy Glidewell
FCGD Ace’s Up Dew – Jack Stallings
FCGD East Ridge Bruiser The Beast – Chad Blair
FCGD Chase’em Down Blackjack – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Travis Creek’s Big Jake – Steve Spurlock
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Mist – Tim Griffin
FCGD Charles Dowell’s Bunny Buster – Charles Dowell
FCGD Yang Lara – Zach Smith
FCGD Pine Acres Pepsi – Keith Weyers
FCGD Don’t Cutem No Slack Billy Jack – Tristian Jenkins
IFC Espresso’s Southern Royal Nova – Stefen Givens
FCGD Legacy Lane Black Baller – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Legacy Lane Kiki – Kevin Monroe
FCGD Riddle’s Clyde – Denver Riddle
FCGD Hogbranch Handyman – Barry Hutchinson
FCLP Carter’s Ottercreek Velvet – Barry Hutchinson
FCLP Wildwinds Crank tha Brank – James McDaniel & Brad Foster
FCGD McKnight’s Ginger Snap – Evan Shelton
FCGD Knobstones Mystic Rose – Barry Hutchinson
FCGD Mighty Mississippi’s Cowboy – Jeffrey Graves
FCGD Crossroads Bella – Duncan McGowen & Greg McGowen
FCLP Bone Box’s Blue Spook – Josh Stofer
FCGD WMK’s Jessabella – Dustin Williams
FCGD CW’s Rye Whiskey – Cody Willoughby
FCGD Bark Camps Broken Halo – Tony Roe
FCGD C-Gray’s Wiggle – Chad Gray
FCLP Triple S Cajun Cat – Noah Singleton
FCGD DT Barton’s Chubby Kat – Kelly Bonnette
FCLP Freedom Anarchy Sprocket – Justin Smith
FCGD Cypress Lakes Vegas Gold – Steve Lyell
FCGD Pine Lakes Brandy – Anthony Wood & Dustin Fuson
FCGD Sudduth’s Mississippi Lookout Willie – Matt Aubrey
FCGD Bark Camps Coal Country Dina – Jimmy Roark & Chris Powers
FCGD Live Action Annie Get Your Gun – Derrick Foster
FCLP Fork Swamp Anaconda – Stefen Givens
FCGD Rattlesnake Ridge Thunder – Tim Griffin
FCGD Plover River Spotty II – Scott Midlam
FCGD Riley’s Rolling Dirty Girl – Riley ONeal Miles
IFC Rhoades Royal WFO Switchs Mud Bone – Tony Roe
FCGD Lakeville’s Bullet Proof Bell – Nick Stephens
FCGD Legacy Lane Monster – Kevin Monroe & Forest Kerns
FCGD Wiley’s Purdy Gurl Purl – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Chase’em Down Rowdy Ruger – Anthony Wood and Dustin Fuson
FCGD Triple D’s Hard Hitting Dolly – Jason Burns
FCGD Drycreeks Bunny Bandit Bonnie – Talikwa Scott
FCGD Ross’s R&R Wicked Wanda – Duane Ross
FCGD Georgia Red Clay Thriller – Scott King
FCGD Bone Box’s Jada Blue – Josh Stofer
FCGD Sand Creek Kickem Up Shooter – Darrell Terry
FCLP Swings Rockhill Dillon – Pete Foley
FCGD Huberts Blazing Blue Angel – Grand Victory Kennels
FCGD KC’s Shanner is getting Lucky – Keith Cox
FCGD McCreary’s Red Dirt Bonnie – Jason and Amy McCreary
FCGD Rileys Miss Dixie – Riley ONeal Miles
FCLP Ram’s Bunny Buster – Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Benson’s Blazing Weedeater – Kylie Freeman
FCLP BFK’s Sweet Bonnie Bell – Rusty Mitchell
FCGD Buckwilds Ferious Fredia – Matt Beatty
FCGD Ford’s Hillbilly Sawyer – Josh Jones
FCGD McDaniels Cherokee Penny – Jim Willoughby and Derrick Foster
FCGD Live Actions Bullet’s Belle – Derrick Foster and Jim Willoughby
FCLP Black Point Crème De’ Menthe – Michael Johnson and Chad Breaud
FCLP Big Creek Shotsi – Chad Breaud
FCGD Lone Pine Las Vegas – Chad Breaud
FCGD Branko’s Quickturn – Chad Breaud
FCGD Ram’s Honey Badger- Ronnie Marsh
FCGD Griswald’s Acer – Bobby Griswald
FCGD Freemans Little Bolt – Dustin Williams