FCGD Hackney’s Roll on Domo

Name = FCGD Hackney’s Roll on Domo
Sire = Sand Creek Dozier
Dam = Burke’s Baddog Molly
Sex = Female
Date of Birth = 4/18/2017
AKC# = HP53394803
Breeder = Derrell Burke
Owner = Josh Hackney

Domo Finished in 11 hunts with 5 wins. Made winners pack in every hunt. She hit the bench top 4 in all but one, but got picked up 6th. Thanks to everyone that judged her. – Owner Josh Hackney

FCGD East Ridge Bruiser The Beast

Name = FCGD East Ridge Bruiser The Beast
Sire = East Ridge Black Phantom
Dam = J&M Weedeater Foxy
Sex = Male
Date of Birth = 7-14-16
AKC# = HP51998903
Breeder = Chad Blair
Owner = Chad Blair

First and foremost, I want to thank my wife and kids for their support, traveling on the road for weekends and spending several nights away keeping him ready to go at all times. Also to my handful of close friends who always supported me along the way.
Bruiser finished in 21 trials making 13 winners packs. 4 wins under 8 different judges, along with a 2nd, (2) 3rds, and a 4th.

  • Owner Chad Blair